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Security Window Films

A Clear and Powerful Barrier of Protection Help protect your resources both human and financial. Our window film is made of clear, heavy duty polyester compound, which provides a thin, clear protective barrier against these threats. Bomb blasts and severe weather which reduces the risk from flying glass. Forced entry by making it harder for […]

Solar Control Window Films

For Savings and Cool Comfort Cobra’s residential and commercial window films are used where damaging UV rays, heat, and glare are problems, and where energy efficiency is a must, or a new design look is desired. Our solar control window films reduce heat loss through windows by improving the insulating performance by as much as […]

Architectural Window Films

Recommended for residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the world Architectural window films control the passage of solar energy into room/office spaces, improving the insulating performance of windows, and substantially reduce the safety and security hazards associated with fragile, easily shattered glass. Solar control window films help control the sun’s radiant energy, reducing the passage […]

Quality Window Tinted Films

Providing the right combination of style, performance, protection and durability Style If you want your vehicle to look great, Cobra window tint films can make it happen since we use: a soft color charcoal that matches factory privacy glass. high performance films in a variety of different shades from light to dark. Our ceramic tint […]

Clear Window Films

Invisible protection from UV rays and heat Did you know that window film can be clear and still provide the same protection as dark? Many people are surprised by this, window film can be clear and still provide the benefits of reducing harmful UV rays and heat build-up. For those that want all these benefits, […]

High Performance Automotive Window Film

Cobra window tint films protect not only your vehicle, but your family Cobra window tint film is made from a sheet of strong polyester laminate that’s treated in a number of different ways to help improve the performance and look of your existing windows. One side of the film has an adhesive that bonds to […]

Want to be Cool?

Excessive heat and glare are two things that can make riding in your vehicle miserable. If you have ever gotten in your vehicle after it has sat in the sun awhile you know the sun’s rays can cause car and home interiors to become unbearably hot. Window tinting from Cobra can change all that. We […]

Reduce Utility Bills by up to 15%

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. Utility costs can be reduced up to 15% by installing energy saving window film. Temperature fluctuations in many homes or buildings (and high utility bills) […]

Increase Security and Impede Forced Entry

Security and protective window films will add an extra measure of protection for you and your family. These protective films are made with thick, heavy-duty material and bonded by strong adhesives. Additionally they provide a clear, invisible, yet powerful barrier that helps hold the glass in place in the event of an impact. Severe injuries […]

100% Guarantee

Cobra Window Tinting only installs window film that fully backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties cover fading, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure and delamination for as long as the original customer owns the vehicle. In addition, Cobra Window Tinting absolutely guarantees the work of our specialists 100%. If there is a problem with the quality […]