Clear Window Films

Invisible protection from UV rays and heat


Did you know that window film can be clear and still provide the same protection as dark?

Many people are surprised by this, window film can be clear and still provide the benefits of reducing harmful UV rays and heat build-up. For those that want all these benefits, but don’t want a tinted window look then this is for you. Cobra’s clear window film still blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays which are the leading know cause of sking cancer and premature skin aging. It also causes fading and cracking of vehicle interiors.

You’ll not only ride in greater comfort, but when it starts to get dark, the high optical clarity and low reflectivity of our film will not impede your night vision.

Factory privacy glass vs. clear window film

Factory privacy glass is only intended to provide privacy, not complete solar control like our clear window film. It is important to know that our line of clear window film can be applied to any privacy glass in order to protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays.

Our window films are manufactured in the USA and are durable, and virtually maintenance free. Our products have a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty so you don’t have to worry about your clear film bubbling, cracking, peeling or changing colors for as long as you own your vehicle.

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