High Performance Automotive Window Film


Cobra window tint films protect not only your vehicle, but your family

Cobra window tint film is made from a sheet of strong polyester laminate that’s treated in a number of different ways to help improve the performance and look of your existing windows. One side of the film has an adhesive that bonds to the window and the other has a scratch-resistant coating.

The film works by controlling the amount of the sun’s radiant energy into a vehicle, improving the outward visibility by reducing the harsh glare, reducing the interior temperature of the vehicle, and almost eliminating the dangerous and damaging effects of ultraviolet light on interior of the vehicle and our skin and eyes.

Since the sun’s energy is made-up of visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared radiation, our high performance window films have been manufactured to regulate the three types of energy to fit the variety of needs of our customers. As a result, you can choose films that will:

  • cut down on the visible light to control glare and improve a vehicle’s appearance.
  • filter out only ultraviolet rays
  • block out both ultraviolet rays and most infrared solar rays to reduce heat without impacting the appearance of the glass.

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